#dungeon23 Week 1

Here’s what my dungeon23 looks like at the end of week one. The start has been easy, one thursday I had to skip and I finished rooms 6, 7 and 8 on sunday. This weeks prompt has been “portals”. I’m looking forward to next week, where it will be “planes”.

Photograph of my dungeon23 notebook
The opening page of my dungeon23. It has a simple 2d6 based dungeon stocking table.
Pages 2 and 3 of my dungeon23 notebook
First part of my list of weekly prompts.
Pages 4 and 5 of my dungeon23 notebook
Second part of my list of weekly prompts

Those prompts can also be found in this earlier post.

Pages 6 and 7 of my dungeon23 notebook
This is the first “room”: a circle of standing stones, that serve as a nexus of portals.
Pages 8 and 9 of my dungeon23 notebook
A map of the first area, there are a lot of doors, some of them unusual.
Pages 10 and 11 of my dungeon23 notebook
More room descriptions for the “portals” area.

Do these descriptions read like I just woke up from some weird dream? I think I like it that way. is no product, and nothing I need to get ready for the group to play in. It’s an exercise of creativity, and I’m happy to do it without high ambitions.